Dale Brockman Davis


Assemblage Giclees Masks the Artist


Roberts & Tilton is pleased to announce, In Context, a group exhibition celebrating Betye Saar’s solo installation, Red Time.

Artists proceeding, following and contemporary to Saar contextualize and historicize varying facets of Saar’s fifty-year oeuvre.
Each participating artist references a particular aspect of Saar’s practice: found object Assemblage, socially charged imagery, or works of metaphysical focus.

Most often exhibited alongside Saar’s work are her peers: David Hammons, John Outterbridge, Dale Brockman Davis and George Herms.

Since the 1960’s, Hammons, Outterbridge, Davis and Saar have often been written about, referenced and shown together—all growing out of a vibrant art scene in the once-marginalized Black Los Angeles art community.

Dale Brockman Davis will have two distinct pieces appearing in this group exhibit.  Please visit the Roberts & Tilton Museum and witness this historic display of art by the masters of the medium in assemblage art.

This exhibit will run from October 29 to December 17.

In Context ~ Roberts & Tilton Museum