Dale Brockman Davis


Assemblage Giclees Masks the Artist


Do you have a printed catalog of your work?
No. I do not print a catalog. As most of the work I create is individual and singular, a printed catalog would showcase pieces that are no longer available. Please check back to this website to see when new works are released.


I see a piece I love. Where can I find the price?
Please contact me for pricing.


Do you charge shipping or is that included with the price of the artwork?
Shipping costs are not included in the price of the artwork.  I use the U.S. Postal Service whenever possible. For items too large to ship via USPS, I use FedEx Freight. I do insure all packages against transportation damages. As shipping costs depend on a number of variables including size, weight, and destination, I can give you an estimate of your shipping cost before I ship.


What methods of payment do you accept?
I accept payment using Personal Checks, Money Orders, and Cashier's Checks. More details regarding payment will be discussed once you place your order.


Do you offer layaway?
I offer layaway in limited instances for some of the larger artwork. Layaway is set in three equal payments. For smaller artwork and all giclees payment in full is expected, unless you are purchasing four or more pieces. Please contact me regarding layaway options.


How long does it take for me to receive my order once payment is made?
Once your payment is received, your artwork will ship in seven business days.


Where can I see your work currently?
Please visit the Exhibits and Appearances page on this website for the latest showings and news..


Do you offer framing for giclees?
Framing is a personal, artistic expression. Decisions regarding color, style, width of moulding, texture of mats, and glazing are unique to each person. There are a number of great frame shops in Los Angeles county.

If you are not in Los Angeles county, I recommend that you find a quality frame shop in your area that has experience working with fine art proofs and giclees.


I am in your local area. Will you install my Assemblage?
The installation of my three dimensional Assemblage artwork can be arranged. There is a travel limitation of 50 miles radias from Leimert Park. Arrangments must be made at time of purchase.


Do you take commissions?
As commissions are artist renderings of the buyer's choosing, agreement must be made as regards color, style, materials, and final cost before any work begins. Additionally, a 40% down payment is required at the start of the commission and the balance is due at delivery. Please contact me if you are interested in a commissioned piece of art.


I am writing an article (or research paper). Can I interview you?
Interviews can be arranged. Please contact me so we can set up an appointment.


I love what you are doing. Do you teach classes?
I do not offer classes at this time. I am, however, open to guest lecture.  Please contact me if you are interested.